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We human have the tendency to turn big or skinny- depending upon the lifestyle we adapt.

Indisputably, our size is heavily relied upon the habits we follow in our daily lives and how well we involve ourselves in activities that are beneficial for us.

But while we are generally familiarized with the significance of health and healthy habits, we often ignore ourselves until the point comes when witness the consequences of our negligence.


Fitness and all the practices that add to our wellbeing are important for two apparent reasons:

  • It contributes to a better psychological health. From my early years of life, one thing I was well-versed with was –nothing beats a healthy mind led by a healthy body. Although, I was least concerned about myself then, I realized this little piece of advice engraved in mind by reaching teen hood. Our psychological healthy plays a big part in helping us survive in this very competitive, very challenging world.
  • It keeps health threats at bay. No wonder, sharp learning, smart reasoning and strong memory go a long way in our progress; yet, we can never strive if we lack support we constantly require from our ‘physical’ self. Thereby, ensuring fitness is imperative for maintaining that perfect equilibrium between our body and mind, all the time.


The modern era has not only altered our mindsets in accordance, but has also changed the way we look at and address our problems these days.

Time has gone when problems pertaining to weight were solely managed through conventional methods. As of now, people prefer change that is brought on more conveniently and promptly.

In this zest, people rely on dietary support that has almost become a requisite part of the fitness formula today. Whether they get advantage or their expectations simply turn down, they just don’t resist in trying out alternates that can undo what their poor lifestyle choices have done to them.


Clenbuterol is one of the most contentious, yet admired fat loss agent that thrived in the weight loss market some 15 years ago. Even though, none of its principal objectives is to address excessive weight, yet, people distinguish it as a fat burner that could bring some desirable changes in their body fat levels.

Now whether or not Clen is ‘as good as it is believed’, is yet to be proven, but if we look into its properties and pay heavy emphasis on the changes it stirs in the body, we will won over to its role in fat burning.


Clenbuterol came forward with the purpose to serve sick animals whose illness revolved around breathing or say, respiratory diseases. While the drug was doing a great job as a bronchodilator for them, it was discovered to possess qualities that could have potentially favored the fitness buffs.

Interestingly, Clenbuterol shares the powers of ephedrine that can make the body metabolism and thermogenesis go running.

Essentially, these are the two processes that are considered as the directions via which the fat makes their way out of the body.

As per the findings, the drug can boost the fat burning process by 10- 15% and thus make the overall process a bit more gainful.


As stated earlier, the entire effect it leaves on the fat burning process is 10- 15%, that is, if you manage to drop 1000 calories a day to make it a loss of 2 lbs a week, you will get an advantage of 700-1100 calories reduction by the end of the week with Clen.

Now the methods through which it promotes fat reduction, as we have also stated earlier are fat metabolism and thermogenesis. While these methods are completely different in nature, a similarity they share is being the cause of ultimate decline in fat.

Interestingly fat metabolism is a very key process that profoundly helps us in keeping our fat levels control. When it is activated, all the spare fats, even the stored ones are made to convert into energy.

Speedy metabolism is favorable for the increase in thermogenesis too- that is as important as the former. During this process, the body heats up and begin to torch calories- which is its natural reaction when the temperature goes up. If we put it straight, a drop in calories adds to the decline in fat, and finally, in weight.


The agent is not just supported by the fitness circle, but by the athletes too. However, the main cause that drive them crazy over an agent like this is its shredding power, the ability that heavily contributes to that visible muscle definition in the end.

However, Clenbuterol may not be that ‘bulking formula’ people may need for size gains. In fact, it just doesn’t support any changes with respect to the increase in size. But one thing you will definitely approve and regard about Clenbuterol is that it does not allow any destruction to the muscles while the fats are removed!


The stimulant can turn ‘precarious’ when you alter its dosages or use it for long. It has a set limit, exploitation of which can trouble you in all the best possible ways.

The side effects that can surface by the use of Clen are:

  • Chest pain.
  • Raised heart beat followed by fast breathing.
  • Electrolyte imbalance.
  • Sleeping problems.
  • High blood pressure.

Plus, if water intake is not up to the required standard with Clen, the drug can root serious dehydration.


Against all odds- losing safely with Clen is no exception. Though, buy clenbuterol could be a bit problematic if you live in a country where Clenbuterol is treated as a controlled drug or not approved by FDA.

What are controlled substances?

Controlled substances are the agents that are directly barred by the government, hence, any activity that is based on the trade, possession or use of the substance is considered worthy of penalty.

What is FDA and what role does it has in the use of drugs?

FDA is a department responsible for verifying, approving or disapproving anything that has to be consumed by human. It stands for Food and Drug Administration which is solely unbound to accept or reject drugs on the basis of safety they offer.

Is Clenbuterol a controlled substance or not approved by FDA?

The legal status of Clenbuterol is different in all the countries. You will come across some, where Clenbuterol is treated as a controlled drug and disapproved by FDA, whereas others tend to have somewhat flexible rules for the users of Clen.

Essentially, there are some countries wherein Clen does not fall in the class of controlled agents but are banned by FDA. In such a situation, availability and purchasing of Clenbuterol become easier. Plus, the use of Clen is not considered a crime in such a country.

On the very contrary, agents that are prohibited by FDA are not allowed to be used in anything that has to be taken by humans- even the animals we eat.


Clenbuterol is counterfeited, way beyond our limits. Thus, even if it is easily available in your country, we would advise you to be very careful at the time of purchase.

The most trust worthy place for the purchase of Clenbuterol is Crazybulk, other than that, there are many online retailers that can be trusted.

However, two things you must never ignore while placing your order are:

  • The supplier is reliable and not new in the market. Search for its customers- what opinions do they have about it.
  • Clenbuterol is not the only drug it deals in. It must have the supply/ record of dealing in anabolic steroids too. Basically, this is one key factor that determines if Clen has been acquired through a genuine source or there is a point of doubt for you.

These were all the essentials we could provide you on the most searched and sought drug, Clen. We have equally paid our emphasis on all the encouraging, as well as discouraging elements about the drug.

But before you leave, remember- the best way to end up safe with your purchase and use is by acting smart and following the rules!